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About Us

At McNally Jones Staff we specialise in litigation and the resolution of disputes, no matter how complex. We have lawyers with specialist expertise in employment law and personal injury law, and a long and proud history of representing our clients in New South Wales. If you require legal advice or have any kind of legal problem, or you have been injured and need urgent legal help, we are at your service.

About McNally Jones Staff

McNally Jones Staff is a leading law firm in Sydney Australia with a wealth of experience and expertise in personal legal matters. We specialise in personal injury, employment law, criminal law, property law, and wills and estates.

Our Commitment

Our unwavering commitment to achieving results for our clients is what distinguishes us. We are deeply invested in obtaining the best possible outcome in every case, regardless of the complexity or difficulty.

Our Approach

We maintain a sharp focus on our clients’ needs and goals. Our tenacious and competitive approach ensures that we leverage our expert knowledge and experience to help clients achieve their objectives. We assign partners, not paralegals, to lead all matters, ensuring personalised attention and the highest level of expertise.

Our Legal Services

Our comprehensive range of legal services includes:

Employment Law

We represent employees and employers in employment-related disputes, ensuring fair treatment and compliance with legal requirements.

Personal Injury Law

We provide expert representation in personal injury cases, ensuring clients receive fair compensation for their injuries.

Criminal Law

McNallys criminal law team provide the highest quality representation to our clients.

Defamation Law

We defend clients against defamation claims and assist in protecting their reputation and integrity.

Property Law and Conveyancing

We provide legal guidance and representation in property transactions, ensuring smooth and successful conveyancing processes.

Wills and Estates

We help individuals and families create comprehensive estate plans, including wills,
trusts, and powers of attorney.

Contact Us

If you require legal assistance or have any legal questions, don’t hesitate to contact McNally Jones Staff. Call us at 02 9233 4474 or fill out our convenient online enquiry form.

Our experienced legal team is ready to provide you with professional advice and exceptional service.

Fighting for Your Rights in New South Wales

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McNally Jones Staff acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work and pay our respect to their Elders past, present and emerging. 

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