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Apprehended Violence Orders

Here at McNallys, we have highly competent criminal lawyers who are well versed in dealing with Apprehended Violence Orders.


AVOs are orders that a court makes to protect people. AVOs protect people by ordering a person known as the ‘defendant’ not to assault, molest, harass, intimidate or stalk the protected person for a specific period of time.

AVOs can also have additional orders. For example, orders can be made which prohibit the defendant from contacting the protected person, going within a certain distance of the protected person’s home or work, and destroying or damaging the protected person’s property. 

AVOs do not give defendants a criminal record.

The defendant is not allowed to keep any firearms, or to hold a firearms licence for 10 years after the AVO ends, unless the AVO is cancelled by the court. If you are a defendant and have a firearms licence, or any firearms, you must immediately surrender them to the police.

An apprehended domestic violence order (ADVO) is an AVO made for the protection of a person against another person with whom they have or have had a domestic relationship. An ADVO made from 25 November 2017 operates nationally and defendants are required to comply with the order across Australia. Where an ADVO was made prior to 25 November 2017, an application can be made to have the order declared to be recognised nationally.

An AVO made for protection of a person who is not and has not been in a relationship with the defendant, an apprehended personal violence order (APVO), can be registered in another state. If the protected person moves to another Australian state or territory they can register the AVO with a court in that state or territory. The AVO will then continue to provide protection for them. The defendant does not have to be told that the order is registered in another state or territory.

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