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Industrial Relations

McNallys has a proud history of representing employees, trade unions, and their members in industrial disputes. We have represented clients in a number of high-profile cases with valuable insight into this area of law, thus enabling us to achieve successful outcomes in industrial matters.

McNallys is recognised as one of the top employment and industrial law firms in NSW. Our dedicated lawyers provide expert advice and representation in all aspects of employment and industrial law.

Awards & Enterprise Agreements

Our employment lawyers are well versed in modern awards. They were involved in the award modernisation process that led to their creation and all subsequent award reviews. They can help you understand your rights under the awards and agreements

Enterprise agreements are a highly technical area of law. Whether you are seeking to have an agreement approved, a scope order, a majority support determination, a low paid authorization or defending an application to terminate the agreement our employment lawyers have the expertise to help.

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Industrial Action

We can assist you in ensuring you meet all the technical requirements to take protected industrial action and to defend any claims that industrial action should not, be suspended or terminated.

NSW Public Sector

Employment law for NSW public sector employees is a specialist area of law. McNallys has over 30 years of experience and understanding in this area. Specialised rights include the right of non-executive public sector employees to challenge disciplinary decisions by way of a public sector disciplinary appeal where the penalty is a deferment of increment progression, a demotion, a fine, annulment of appointment, dismissal and a directions to resign. These appeals require the employer to establish that there was a proper basis for the penalty imposed.

Pay Equity

McNallys employment team has a depth of experience in increasing wages to remedy gender-based undervaluation. In 2019 they obtained wage increases of up to 35.8% for non-teaching staff in NSW Public schools.

Recovering Underpayments

Wage theft is a problem. An employee is entitled to be paid all of their contractual, superannuation and award entitlements. Our employment lawyers have a wealth of experience in award, enterprise agreement and contract interpretation and enforcement and can represent you to ensure an efficient recovery of your backpay.


Are you going through an investigation into your alleged misconduct or poor performance? You should seek the assistance of one of McNally’s specialist employment lawyers to ensure that the process is fair and that you put your best foot forward in defending these serious allegations that can lead to loss of employment.

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