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Employment Law

McNally’s employment lawyers are known for their ability to provide advice and representation on the full range of complex legal issues, from misconduct inquiries, enterprise bargaining issues and recovering entitlements.

McNally Jones Staff Lawyers has been recognised by other lawyers in the Doyles Guide as a First Tier law firm for representing employees and trade unions in NSW. Nathan Keats and Michael Burns are Accredited Specialists in Employment & Industrial law. We also have two retired judges as consultants – The Hon Lance Wright QC and The Hon Conrad Staff. Furthermore, Nathan Keats is recognised in the Doyles Guide as a Leading Employment Lawyer and Michael Jaloussis, our Managing Principal, is recommended for representing employees and trade unions.

Employment Contract Advice

McNallys employment lawyers can help you negotiate changes to your employment contract and respond to demands from your employer to change your terms and conditions of employment. If your employer wants to significantly change your contract and you don’t agree you may have a right to damages or to seek to have your contract restored.

Seeking our advice before signing your employment contract can help avoid many problems in the future, ensuring a smooth commencement of employment. McNallys can provide you with contractual advice, including;

  • Helping you to understand the meaning of certain terms in your contract and their subsequent implications

  • Do you wish to discuss your salary, benefits, hours or terms of employment with your employer? We can provide expert advice throughout negotiation periods

  • We can outline potential risks and dangers in your contract so that you can be well-informed and confident throughout your employment.

Termination & Unfair Dismissal

At McNallys, we understand the importance of job security and the stress that comes with a termination of employment.

In this complex area of law, it is important to have expert advice.  McNally’s employment lawyers can help you with the right claim to pursue. Options include an unfair dismissal claim, an adverse action claim and a claim for damages for breach of contract. It is important to seek advice quickly as time limits to start a claim are very short, often as little as 21 days.

If your employer has threatened to terminate your employment, or has already dismissed you, you can contact our firm for advice regarding the best course of action for your unique situation.

Discrimination & Harassment

Discrimination may be based on a vast variety of factors including race, gender, sexual orientation and preferences, religion, politics, relationship status and pregnancy. Our employment lawyers can assist you to claim compensation for lost income, hurt, distress, pain and suffering arising from such treatment.

The law is here to protect you from discrimination and harassment, so if you experience such treatment in the workplace or elsewhere, be sure to contact us immediately so we can help you.

Workplace Bullying

If you are repeatedly treated unreasonably by someone (or by a group of people) at work and that treatment has created a risk to your health and safety, then you may be able to apply for an order that the behaviour stop.

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