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Public Liability Claims

If you have suffered injuries from an accident in a public or private place, such as a slip or fall in a supermarket, public building or carpark, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact us today to achieve the outcome you are entitled to.

Public liability claims have become an essential facet of legal practice.  When individuals suffer injuries or property damage due to negligence or breach of duty by businesses, organizations, or individuals, they turn to Mcnally Jones Staff lawyers for guidance and representation.

Our  legal professionals possess a deep understanding of public liability law and navigate its complexities to protect clients’ rights and seek just compensation.

Whether it’s a slip and fall accident, product liability, or negligence leading to property damage, Mcnally Jones Staff lawyers meticulously analyze the circumstances, gather evidence, and construct a compelling case to maximise recovery for our clients.

With expertise in insurance policies, duty of care principles, and statutory obligations, these lawyers ensure fair and equitable outcomes for those affected by public liability incidents.

As Sydney continues to grow and evolve, public liability claims remain a critical area of legal practice, demanding specialised knowledge and unwavering dedication from lawyers committed to upholding justice and safeguarding individuals’ rights.

McNally Jones Staff are public liability lawyers based in the Sydney CBD.

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